Loser Edition B-Sides and Rarities Vinyl

Loser Edition B-Sides and Rarities Vinyl

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Limited Edition Loser Edition Clear Vinyl.

180 gram, heavyweight, single vinyl. Released June 30, 2017.


A1. Chariot 5:16
A2. Baby 3:02
A3. Equal Mind 3:42
A4. Used to Be 4:05 (2008 single version)
A5. White Moon 4:06 (iTunes Session remix)
A6. Baseball Diamond 4:36
A7. Norway 3:16 (iTunes Session remix)
B1. Play the Game 4:18
B2. The Arrangement 5:04
B3. Saturn Song 4:30
B4. Rain in Numbers 2:26
B5. I Do Not Care for the Winter Sun 3:10
B6. 10 Mile Stereo 5:30 (Cough Syrup remix)
B7. Wherever You Go 3:26